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For Employers

For Employers

College Recruiter believes that every student and recent graduate deserves a great career.

How We Help

College Recruiter has the reach and expertise to help the largest employers meet their high demand for their entry level, part-time, seasonal, and internship positions.

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Why College Recruiter?

We've been in business for over three decades—proof of our ability to embrace the newest technologies to deliver exceptional results to our employer customers. With our proprietary, programmatic technology, we help high volume hiring employers efficiently and effectively reach early career candidates anywhere globally using best-in-class AI-powered search and cost-per-click pricing.

We Maximize Your Return on Investment


Our rapidly expanding network of high-quality prospective talent of 20 million students and recent graduates

College Recruiter has permission to email 20 million students and recent graduates. Our opt-in list covers more than 40 percent of college and university students and recent graduates in the United States and millions more globally.


Because we believe that every student and recent graduate deserves a great career, we are built from the ground-up to be completely inclusive.

Every student and every recent graduate from every school can search every posting on College Recruiter. We do not exclude any student or any recent graduate simply based on their school. Employers with a diverse workforce have 19 percent higher innovation and higher revenue. Our employer customers embrace diversity, and that includes being inclusive of all candidates regardless of school.


Each year, we help more than 12 million candidates find great new careers.

College Recruiter believes that every student and recent graduate deserves a great career. Our customers are primarily Fortune 1,000 companies, government agencies, and other organizations who hire at scale, meaning dozens or even hundreds. They advertise with us their part-time, seasonal, internship, apprenticeship, and other entry-level jobs requiring 0-5 years of experience.

Our Products

College Recruiter offers two simple products, each fine-tuned to help Fortune 1,000 companies, government agencies, and other employers who hire at scale. Our mission is to connect every student and recent graduate with a great career.

Targeted Email Campaigns

Starting at


/150,000 delivered emails

  • Perfect for Branding Campaigns
  • 20+ Million Opt-in Candidates
  • Target by Geo, School, Major, Diversity, and More
  • Quick Results
Our Most Popular Product

JobsThatScale Postings

Starting at



  • Perfect for Hiring at Scale
  • Automated Posting of Job Ads
  • Performance-based Pricing
  • No Additional Cost for Logo and Video

Standard Postings

Starting at



  • Traditional Pricing Model
  • Automated Posting of Job Ads
  • Pay by month or number of postings
  • No Additional Cost for Logo and Video
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Case Study

Reaching Diverse Students and Recent Graduates at Scale

One of the world's largest intelligence agencies is also one of the most selective employers in the world. Through decades of analyzing the productivity of its workforce, the agency knows that the more diverse its work teams, the more productive they are. College Recruiter is one of a handful of media companies used by the intelligence agency. Our role is to help them reach diverse students and recent graduates at scale. The campaigns typically target diverse candidates, sometimes in certain geographic areas, sometimes by school, sometimes by major, sometimes with certain language skills, but typically some combination of all of those. Each year, we deliver tens of thousands of these very hard-to-find and even harder-to-hire candidates to the agency's career site to apply.

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