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3 tips from the executive director of Robert Half on how employers can create a positive candidate experience

Stephanie Naznitsky
August 8, 2022

The candidate experience contains all of the touch points between a candidate and an employer during the hiring stage. According to Forbes, “42% of candidates will not apply for a position at a company if they’ve had a bad experience during the hiring process.” A positive candidate experience can help attract the best talent to your organization, boost retention rates, and facilitate a strong company culture.

College Recruiter recently asked career experts for three tips for employers who wish to create a positive candidate experience. Stephanie Naznitsky, Executive Director of global talent solutions firm Robert Half, offered these three tips:

Creating a positive candidate experience

  • Streamline the hiring process from the very beginning. While we know that job marketing software and applicant tracking systems let companies process applications and schedule interviews quickly – it doesn’t necessarily appeal to candidates. To keep candidates engaged during the application process, HR managers should try to ensure that every step is straightforward – lay out how to apply to positions, if portfolios are necessary, and more. Then follow up with timely correspondence sharing any feedback necessary to prepare the candidate for their next steps in the process.
  • Be transparent about salary. It may not be a company practice to list the salary in the job description, but today’s applicants will appreciate at least a potential range very early in the process. Listing nothing at all, however, can hurt them when it comes to the candidate experience. You may also be narrowing the talent pool and some candidates may simply ignore your job posting in favor of ones that clearly state compensation ranges. As you are sharing salary information, highlight any opportunities for career advancement.
  • Prepare and highlight a smooth onboarding process. When offering a position to a candidate, highlight the things they can expect to occur upon hire as the offer is being made. This can excite the candidate and make them feel confident in their decision to join the team. Successful onboarding can make a big difference in morale and help candidates feel valued.

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