How do I use College Recruiter to find a job? How do I send my resume to you?

We're not a placement agency so we don't match up candidates with employment opportunities. We're a job board so candidates should first run a search for internships or entry level jobs which are of interest to them. Then, apply to each job for which you're qualified by clicking on the apply button above or below the job posting ad (on-line help wanted ad).

I applied for a job on College Recruiter but was then told that I was registered. I didn't want to register because I only want my resume to go to certain employers.

We were the first major job board to stop selling resume bank access in order to protect the privacy and security of the candidates using our site. We do not sell resume searching to employers or anyone else.

How can I delete my account as a job seeker?

For technical reasons we do not delete candidate information but you can unsubscribe from our emails.

Recruiters cannot access your information on College Recruiter as we do not sell resume searching access. They must be contacting you in another way.

Do you offer resume building assistance or critique to job seekers?

Yes, we do offer a Free Resume Builder.

Do you have jobs listed outside of the US?

Yes, search by country, state or city on our website for jobs in your area.

How do I search for jobs on your site?

Go to, run some searches, review the postings which come up, apply online to the jobs which are advertised and for which you're interested, and follow-up with the employers directly.

I found a job I am interested in on your site. How do I apply for it?

Go back to the posting on College Recruiter and click the green Apply button by the posting. Apply online and follow-up with the employer directly.

How do I unsubscribe from receiving emails?

Please go to one of the emails you no longer want to receive, scroll to the bottom, and follow the unsubscribe instructions.

I tried to apply to a job but received an error message saying the job is no longer available.

Employers typically post jobs to run for 30 days on College Recruiter. When those 30 days expire or if the employer inactivates the posting earlier, then you'll be unable to apply to that job opening. Go back to the search results and look for other jobs which are similar or perhaps even better and apply to them.

How can I register on your site and not make my profile viewable to all employers?

You may adjust your user settings to hide your profile, change what messages you receive, or even inactivate your profile if you wish, but keep in mind that we do not sell resume searching to employers or anyone else.

I tried posting a job several times but kept getting an error message that I need to choose an item from the list. I click the submit button but am unable to post my job.

If you are using Internet Explorer, it is no longer supported by Microsoft and does not work properly on many web sites including College Recruiter.

Please switch to a browser which is supported and secure. Examples are Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Most of the people at College Recruiter use Chrome as their primary browser.

How does College Recruiter choose which display or mobile banner ad tag to show to a visitor?

A "tag" in the world of banner advertising is a short snippet of JavaScript or HTML code. When a user goes to a web page that has the code on it, the code instantly looks at the user's computer to get their IP address and cookies to help identify the person. If they previously registered with College Recruiter, then we'll know a fair amount about them such as their email address. If they haven't we'll still typically know information about them such as the previous web sites they visited, their geographic location, etc.

The tag then sends a signal to our banner ad management system to request the most appropriate banner ad to display to the user based upon whatever we know about the user. The tag calls (requests) two things: the graphic or image that the user sees and the link (URL) that they'll go to should they click the ad. That's a little simplified but essentially correct.

There's no "sharing" of the tag in the sense that we only show one ad per ad unit (location on our page) at a time. A client's banner ad does not always appear in that space. They don't buy ads by the day, week, month, or other time period. They buy them by the impression -- when someone sees an ad that's an impression. So if the user were to reload that same page they very well could see a different banner ad in the same location.

Given our massive inventory and ability to target based upon the content on the page as well as the demographics of the user (right opportunity at the right time to the right person) it would be incredibly rare that our banner ad management system would have a tie between two advertiser's banner ads. There will almost always be multiple ads which could appear but almost always an ad which would be best to appear based upon a variety of factors including the targeting, number of times that user has previously seen that banner ad, likelihood that we'll fully deliver the ad campaign on-time, etc. But should there literally be a tie, think of the decision as to which banner ad to display as flipping a coin. The user will see one advertiser's banner ad and probably go to another of our pages and then they'll see the other advertiser's banner ad. If they don't go to another of our pages, then they'll likely go to a page served by one of our partners and see the banner ad there.

I’m unfamiliar with source tracking codes. How do I create that for your niche job board?

Every major applicant tracking system allows their employer clients to create source tracking codes. Many of the ATS have multiple versions of their software. How you generate the code varies ATS-to-ATS and even version-to-version within each ATS.

We recommend that you ask whoever on your team manages the technical aspects of your ATS for your organization. That person is often called a human resource information systems (HRIS) professional. If that person is you or they do not know how to generate the code, then the best way to get the answer quickly and correctly is to call your point of contact at the ATS. They should be able to walk you through that feature within minutes and then you'll be able to use that with the postings on College Recruiter as well as all of your other media partners.

Do you have a resume database?

College Recruiter was the first major job board to stop selling resume searching. We did so because we cared deeply – and still do – about the candidate experience. Resume searching is great if the employers are legitimate and don't harass the candidates, but there are many bad apples out there who use resumes to try to scam candidates or harass them by repeatedly pitching jobs which are of no interest to the candidate. We do, of course, offer a number of other ways to connect with well-qualified candidates.

There’s an incorrect link to our organization’s web site on College Recruiter. Please update the link.

We're happy to keep the links on College Recruiter up-to-date. That's pretty challenging given that we have well over 30,000 pages of career-related articles, Ask the Experts questions and answers, blogs, videos, and other content. Please send us a message using our Contact page with the exact URL for the page containing the incorrect link, the link you want to change, and how you want the link to now appear. We want to be sure that the organizations requesting the links are the same as the organizations to which we were linking so please email your request from the same domain as the URL you want changed.

Can I post a job to run nationwide?

College Recruiter requires that each job be posted to the city, state/province, postal code, and country in which the work is to be done. Where the candidate resides or goes to school is irrelevant. Candidates search our site using keywords and the location of where they want to work, not where they currently reside or by their school.

If the work can be done in multiple cities, then we want you to post the job to each of those cities. Buy our all you can eat job posting package if the job is available in seven or more cities as you'll save money and also get your logo on our home page as a Featured Employer tile banner ad.

What is your refund policy?

College Recruiter stands behind its products and services 100 percent so if we somehow drop the ball then we will work very, very hard to immediately resolve that to the satisfaction of our client. For example, let's say that an employer buys a job posting ad to run for 30 days but it stops running 10 days early due to an error on our end. Our policy in those cases is to re-active the job posting for an additional 20 days so you'll end up with 40 instead of 30 days. We try to make our customers happy that we messed up.

Otherwise, if the problem is on the customer's end including if the customer just changes its mind, our standard refund policy applies.

I just purchased a job posting package online. How do I get a copy of the invoice?

Your sales receipt would have appeared on your screen in your browser immediately after you completed the purchase. You can print or download a copy of those sales receipts. Our automated system also immediately kicks out a receipt via email. Search your spam/junk folder if you can't find that in your inbox.

I’m an employer and want to advertise our job openings on College Recruiter, is there a fee?

Yes, there's a fee to post job openings to our premium job board, run banner ads, or have us deliver on your behalf a targeted email to our 100 percent, double opt-in database. We offer a number of tools for employers with small, medium, or large hiring needs on our Advertising Information page.

I posted a job to College Recruiter. Will it show up in searches run by students who live in nearby cities? What is the maximum radius for a job to show up in the search results?

Yes. There isn't a set radius. It largely depends upon how many jobs within the candidate's metro area match their search results. If only a couple do, we'll increase the radius. If thousands do, we'll decrease the radius.

Can College Recruiter help me reach people who are about to or recently graduated from high school but are not planning to attend college?

Yes, we can target people who are in high school. We can deliver targeted display (banner) ads and targeted mobile banner ads to anyone in high school and we can deliver targeted email campaigns to anyone 17 years of age and older.

We do have a field for "expressed interest in continuing education" and can target using any of three possibilities:

  • The student expressed interest in continuing their education.
  • The student expressed that they are not interested in continuing their education.
  • The student hasn't answered the question. These people could be interested or not interested.

If you want to target high school grads who are not going to college then we can deliver the display ads, mobile banner ads, or emails to #2 above. Depending upon your specific targeting, goals, and budget, #2 may be large enough to satisfy your needs. If not, we can add in some or even all of #3 if need be.

How can I view my job posting impressions and application stats?

You can view the reporting for your job postings on and logging into your company account and click on Manage Jobs.

Does College Recruiter sell job slots or job posting ads? In other words, if I advertise a job on your site, may I change the job title, description, and location before the ad expires?

Many of the largest, general job boards and even some of the niche sites sell job posting ads. That typically means that employers are unable to change the job title or location of the posting even if they're allowed to edit the job description and job requirements.

College Recruiter sells job slots. You may edit your job ad as much as you want and as often as you want at no additional charge. Pricing and information about our various posting options is at

Are the job seekers using College Recruiter searching for internships or jobs upon graduation? Also, if we post a job to College Recruiter, will that job also run on the web sites of the college career service office sites?

Correct that the candidates who use our niche job board overwhelmingly are one-, two-, and four-year college and university students and recent graduates who are searching for internships, seasonal positions, part-time jobs, and entry-level career opportunities which require zero to three years of experience.

Jobs posted to College Recruiter typically get a FAR higher response rate than jobs posted to individual college career service office sites as most students, unfortunately, don't use their career service offices and virtually no recent grads do. Why? There are a number of reasons but one of the main reasons is that the typical career service office has only a small number of jobs advertised with it and they're almost all local even though most students relocate after graduation.

When students at hundreds of schools register to use their career service office job search site they're also able to register with College Recruiter as the same time. Hundreds to thousands a day do so. We then send those students a daily job match alert email based upon their location, major, etc. Your jobs will be included in those alerts so even though your job won't run on the school's web site, we will get your job in front of the students at the schools.

Are you able to post our career fair flyer for free or is this something that we have to pay as if we're posting a job?

We can promote your career fair just to the types of candidates you want to reach. We can drill down by any combination of fields including geography, major, year of graduation, diversity, and more. We do that through our targeted email, targeted mobile banner ad, and targeted display ad campaigns. Pricing on those starts at $5,000 and your cost-per-hire will likely be in the hundreds of dollars instead of the thousands that it costs to hire someone through on-campus recruiting.

Job postings are not the correct product to promote a career fair. Job postings are for promoting a specific job opportunity in a specific location. If you use a job posting ad to promote a career fair or which otherwise violates our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to inactivate the posting and not refund what you paid for it. We suggest that you purchase our all you can eat job posting package for $5,000 for 90 days and then post all of your jobs to our site. We can even fully automated that process at no additional charge if you have the jobs posted to your applicant tracking system.

I haven’t received enough applications to my job posting ad. How do I get a refund?

How many applications a job posting ad receives is mostly out of the control of the employer's job board or other media partner, including College Recruiter. A recent study by eQuest across two million job postings across 800 job boards found that:

  • There was an average of just 2.5 apply clicks per ad.
  • 75 percent of the job posting ads generated zero apply clicks.

At any given time, there are 300,000+ internships and entry-level jobs advertised on College Recruiter from thousands of small, medium, and large organizations. Many generate dozens of quality applications, others a smaller number, and some none. Since our niche job board went live way back in 1996 we've found that the following factors are the primary reasons for the difference between postings that perform very well versus very poorly:

  • Job title. The more similar to the keyword searches run by the candidates you want to hire, the better. Some organizations use job titles which make sense internally such as "account executive" but candidates typically don't search using those keywords and instead search using a keyword phrase such as "sales representative."
  • Compensation. Many employers don't disclose even a range despite the ease in finding such information. Many candidates are turned off when employers withhold this information or click away from the job posting to sites which have that information and some of those candidates will then end up on your site to apply or give up.
  • Job description. Far too many job postings focus on the needs and wants of the employer rather than those of the candidate. A job posting ad is a sales document. It needs to help candidates understand if they're well qualified AND convince that well qualified candidate to apply.
  • Location. Jobs located in large metro areas generate far more applications than jobs located in areas which have lower populations.
  • Number of postings. Generally, the more ads an employer runs the more applications per job that employer will see. The reason is that every posting is linked to the Employer Profile page so a candidate who finds a job that isn't a good fit can click, find a posting which is a better fit, and then apply.

As I trust you'll agree, none of the above factors are within the control of College Recruiter. It is for this reason that we require all employers to agree to our terms of service prior to purchasing a posting and indicate in those terms, "It is the policy of College Recruiter not to refund or cancel orders. All sales are final."

For employers whose jobs have only run for days or even a week, we recommend editing your posting to make it more compelling to the candidate.

We also recommend patience. The majority of applicants to a job often come days or even more than a week after a job goes live. It is important to wait a couple of weeks before deciding that the response rate to your ad was good, bad, or ugly.

We’ve never used College Recruiter. Do you offer free trials of your job postings or discounts?

No. We're very comfortable that our price for a 30-day job posting is both competitive and fair. We also have a number of multi-posting packages that offer an even lower cost per job.

When you're ready, please go to Pricing to purchase and post your jobs. Thanks!

Just posted a job ad to your niche job board, College Recruiter. Will I receive emails directly if anyone is interested in our position?

Employers can choose whether to have the candidate complete our form or click to go to the employer's site to apply. If you wish, you can choose for you post to be set up so candidates click to our short form and we deliver the resulting applications behind-the-scenes to whatever email address you wish. You can use one email address for your registration and different email addresses for each posting with us, by the way.

My job posting ad isn’t generating as many applications as I thought it would. How do I increase the number of people who apply to my open position?

Be sure that the job title that you use is the job title that candidates use when searching. For example, don't use "account executive" if the job seekers will use "sales representative". Also be sure to include paragraphs about your industry, organization, department/division, work environment, people they'll work with, compensation (be specific or at least provide a range), and other factors that matter to your candidates.

Your posting should speak to the needs and wants of the candidate, not only your organization. It is an ad and should be written to encourage well-qualified candidates to apply and discourage poorly-qualified candidates from applying.

We’re thinking of advertising our job opening with College Recruiter using your targeted email campaign solution. How many people should we expect to hire?

How many candidates you hire from a targeted email campaign with College Recruiter will be determined by a lot of factors, most of which are outside of our control. Those factors include the perceived quality of the job opportunity amongst the candidates we target, the quality of the creative (how compelling is your ad), the design of your career site, and the conversion numbers you see on your end including click-to-apply, apply-to-interview, interview-to-offer, and offer-to-hire.

The average cost of hiring a candidate through on-campus recruiting, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, is more than $3,600. That's average. Hard-to-fill positions are going to be even more expensive. With College Recruiter, an email with identical follow-up to 75,000 highly targeted candidates costs $5,000. We almost always see at least 13 percent of the candidates opening the email to read it and at least eight percent of those clicking through to the employer's web site. That means that we'll likely send to your site at least 1,520 pre-qualified candidates. If even 10 percent apply and you hire even two percent of those, that's three hires so your cost-per-hire with College Recruiter would be $1,667 instead of more than $3,600 if you were to hire a similar person through on-campus interviews.

We’re interested in buying a targeted mobile banner advertising campaign from College Recruiter to help us reach diverse college students and recent graduates. Do we need to sign a contract with you or can you just invoice us?

College Recruiter does not require its clients to enter into formal, written contracts. We're happy to provide contracts to those clients who require them but many of our clients are fine with sending us a purchase order (PO) or insertion order (IO) and then for us to email an invoice to them. Many of our other clients don't send us PO's or IO's and instead just have us email an invoice to them.

You can pay our invoice using ACH, echeck, wire, any major credit card, any major debit card, or check.

We have an “all you can eat” job posting package and you’re scraping the jobs from our applicant tracking system (ATS). I just logged into our account and saw that we have zero posting credits available. Does that mean that our package expired?

No. We typically do not add any posting credits to the accounts of our all you can eat posting clients as those credits are only needed if you're going to manually post your jobs and you're not. We've automated the posting of your jobs through our complimentary scraping / wrapping service.

If you were to post a job today then our scraping system would inactivate it tonight as we add, edit, and inactivate your postings each night. If you have a posting on our site and not your ATS then our system will infer that you no longer have that position available and therefore we will inactivate that posting on our site. To get a posting onto College Recruiter, just post it to your ATS and it will be running on College Recruiter within a day.

We purchased a job posting from College Recruiter. I just logged into our account and see under the Manage Jobs page that the posting is running but the main account page shows that zero credits are available. Is our posting running or not?

Your posting is running. The zero posting credits available just means that you have zero UNUSED posting credits available. To post more jobs, just buy more job posting credits.

Can we reduce the maximum number of banner ad impressions per user per month from our default of eight to perhaps four to five?

Yes, but it is recommended to stick with eight. Our data shows increased engagement until eight impressions per month. The click through ratio is higher the second time an ad is seen than the first, higher the third time an ad is seen than the second, etc. until you get to the ninth impression when the click through rate falls off a cliff.

Repetition is a good thing with advertising until it becomes annoying. The annoyance factor kicks in the ninth time the banner is seen by the same user in the same month.

If you prefer four or five impressions maximum per user per month, just include that when you send over your instructions. It won't impact the cost as what will happen is if we deliver half as many impressions per user we'll end up reaching twice as many users.

What kind of a response rate should I expect from an “all you can eat” job posting package?

Over the past couple of years, employers who have advertised hundreds to thousands of their internships and entry-level jobs using our all you can eat branding and job posting package have typically seen hundreds to thousands of pre-qualified candidates reading the full job description on College Recruiter and then clicking through to the employer's site to apply.

We call the event of a candidate clicking our apply button an "apply click" as the candidate has clicked our apply button to go to the application page. Most employers want to host that application page as they're using an applicant tracking system (ATS) but we can host the application page at no additional charge if you prefer.

The percent of apply clicks which convert into applications and then hires varies considerably employer-to-employer and even job-to-job. According to a study of the leading ATS, about 10 percent of apply clicks convert into applications. Based upon the feedback we've received from our thousands of employer clients; they'll hire about two to five percent of those applicants.

At the end of the day, if we generate 1,000 apply clicks per month for you per month then you should expect to receive applications from about 100 of them and to hire something like two to five of them. If you purchased an annual, all you can eat branding and job posting package for $7,500 then you'd end up with about 24 to 60 hires and your cost-per-hire would be $125 to $312.50, which is WELL below the $5,054 average cost of hiring someone through on-campus recruiting, as reported by NACE.

I’ve been posting jobs to College Recruiter for months and would like to look back at how well the job posting ads performed months ago. How do I do that?

College Recruiter emails to the registered user for each employer account a report at the beginning of the month if that account had at least one active job posting ad the previous month. For example, if you posted a job on August 31st, you will receive a report at the beginning of September and then again at the beginning of October for that job.

If you think that you may want to look back at the data months or even years from now, click the link within the emailed report to download the Excel and then save that file in a folder or someplace where you can later access it with a few keystrokes.

We’re considering buying a targeted email campaign but want to personalize it to increase the number of students who open the emails and then click through to our website. Can we merge into the subject line or message body the name of the student? School? Anything else?

Yes. Anything we can select on, we can include in the subject line or message body.

Exceptions: web page or email address. So we cannot have a subject line or message body with something like, "We saw that your email address is \[merge email] and thought you'd want to sign-up for this".

No problem and no additional cost to merge into the subject line or message body first name, school name, geo, major, etc.

This is a really good option for clients who want to target students at, for example, 20 schools and want a different creative for each school. We can instead use one creative but merge the 20 school names into the subject and/or message body. Saves you big bucks and us a ton of time.

I posted several sales jobs to College Recruiter and ran some searches on your home page like I was a candidate to make sure they were running and see how they look to the candidates. I entered our company name into the keyword field and the location but didn’t find any of our job posting ads.

The timing is important because it can take a few hours for jobs to be accessible through our search. The jobs can be live but not yet indexed. Also, job seekers usually won't enter your organization name into the keyword field, instead they typically enter keywords such as their major or desired job title. Also know that if you don't have the correct keywords in the job title field then it will be very hard for candidates to find your job. Use the keywords your candidates are likely to use. Also know that it is recommended that you use the name of the largest city in the metro area in which the jobs are located, few candidates will search for a job using the name of a suburb for example.

What are your terms and conditions on posting a job?

The terms and conditions details are provided when you go through the process to purchase a job posting packing. You can read them on our website.

If I post a job to College Recruiter, will it go out to the colleges, universities, and other schools in my area?

Yes. College Recruiter believes that every student and recent graduate deserves a great career. Each year, millions of students and recent graduates of all one-, two-, and four-year colleges and universities search, read, and apply to jobs advertised on College Recruiter.

Those candidates find our site in a variety of ways including our hundreds of thousands of social media connections, emailed job match alerts, Google and other search engines, advertising we run on other sites, and partnerships with 1,500 college career service offices and other career sites which specifically target students and recent grads.

How does College Recruiter identify users who are reading web pages in another language?

Two ways:

  • College Recruiter's banner ad delivery network receives browser data. Every browser on every computer has a language setting. Yours is probably set to the default of English but you could change that to another language so if you were more comfortable in Spanish, for example, your menus and buttons would appear in Spanish.
  • We can also see the language of the websites they're visiting. Every computer has an IP address and visits to virtually every website is tracked by Google and others. Google owns the banner ad delivery software, Doubleclick, and we get data from Doubleclick.

Can I publish my article on College Recruiter’s blog?

We are sorry to say that we no longer accept guest articles.

I found abusive content or a bug on College Recruiter. How do I report it so that it can be removed?

Fortunately, we don't have many of these issues but with hundreds of thousands of users some issues do occur and we try our hardest to fix them as soon as we become aware of them. So by reporting these issues, you're helping us keep our site clean and well functioning for you, your friends, and others. To report an issue, please use the Contact Form.

I need your postal address and phone number.

You'll likely get the most informative and fastest response by using the form on our Contact page,
but we can also be reached at:

College Recruiter
7201 York Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55435
United States of America

You can also reach us by phone by calling 952-848-2211.

How can I verify you are not a scam and legit company?

If we wanted to scam job seekers, we would require registration because it is far easier to scam people when you know who they are. We only know who you are if you choose to tell us, and we don't require candidates to register.

You can also look us up in the Better Business Bureau.

I just tried to run a search at but received a Forbidden message. What did I do wrong?

The most likely reasons why you're seeing the Forbidden message is that our site does not support the Tor browser, anonymous web surfing, and some other activities that can look like malicious bot traffic such as a high volume of clicks coming through in a very short period of time or traffic coming from data centers.

Use a standard browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. If that does not resolve the issue, then please use our Contact form to tell us that you encountered the Forbidden message, tried the above solutions, and provide us with your IP address (you can Google, what is my IP address). We will investigate and likely will solve the problem by whitelisting your IP address.